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About US Energy Management 

Cost Savings that is for Everyone’s Budget

No Capital Expenditure is Needed!

U.S. Energy Management will typically generate 25%-45% savings on your planned utility expenditures.  We can also improve your facilities’ indoor and outdoor working environment to improve your business results.  We enhance your property values and we significantly lower your maintenance costs. We extend the life of your energy assets (HVAC, etc) and our management reports allow you to better plan for future growth strategies. We remain a link to emerging technologies for utility savings to further benefit your business in the future. And, to the extent that energy cost rise in the future, your savings dollars will increase even more!

 U.S. Energy Management can also provide for all the costs to be covered by a short-term lease-purchase, which is paid for from a portion of the savings realized from the program. The length of the lease is determined by the amount of materials and labor required and the amount of energy savings, but usually is 48 months or less. A certified energy audit will confirm this. We have the project-financing partners already in place, so no further budget dollars are necessary. 

Our program can be installed by using only your already allocated utility budget.


Overall Analysis 

  • Demand.  How much, energy and other utilities does your operation consume?  We analyze utility consumption and offer a plan to address meaningful conservation and efficiency in every area. The new technologies in energy saving lighting, water heating, heating and cooling units and controls and using renewables to help supplement your existing energy supply are all reviewed and discussed.


  • Supply.  How much do you pay for the utilities you use?  We take an aggressive new look at all utility vendor relationships.  Special attention is made to rates, classifications, and competitive opportunities. We develop procurement protocols that maximize rate savings through negotiation, regulatory classification, deregulation options and competitive processes.

  • Administration.  How much does it cost to manage your utility requirements and to service your energy related assets?  What are the costs of facility maintenance and the cost of the replacement materials used? Are you currently optimizing the potential for controlling the total cost of utilities? We can provide bill monitoring and management reports to control and maximize savings in your utility expenses.



No matter what type of efficiency upgrade you need, U.S. Energy Management, Inc will make it happen!

We Will Deliver


Quality People.  We survey your facilities with your facilities’ personnel and certify your current energy usage. We certify the energy savings dollars which would be realized and where they come from. U.S. Energy Management is a Class A, licensed, bonded, and experienced contractor. We deliver the highest quality work and the maximum energy savings results. We are careful to properly remove and document the disposal of all hazardous waste. Work is done at night or when you specify with consideration for facility use so as to not disrupt or disturb current activities.

Quality Materials.  We use top rated products from recognized quality national brands such as Lithonia, Watt-Stopper, Eiko Lighting, Advance and more.  We present to you style, brand, and performance options so that interior décor may be enhanced while maintaining your energy savings goals.

Quality Management.  Work at each facility is carefully supervised and managed for quality, safety, and compliance with specifications. We are sticklers for a clean work environment and leaving no mess.  Project performance, feedback and progress reports are a regularly scheduled process. We consult with you in the coordination and approval of all facility work schedules and plans.  We consult with you on all proposed contact and action plans with each utility provider to improve cost savings and conserve on demand. We offer on-going bill monitoring for rate analysis, procurement services, budgeting forecasts and accruals.

We can provide audit reports for management use.  This provides multi-level accounting and usage data reports by facility for better control, analysis, and efficiency. These reports also help to signal in advance any energy asset equipment problems or maintenance concerns. We also provide you with all the government tax credits and utility incentives your building can earn.


For example, the fixtures in new overhead lighting can not only improve lighting performance but also add a

pleasing decorative touch as well. In addition, our LED lamps and fixtures are guaranteed for up to five years

protecting your investment.



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Fran Burke III


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Jerry Burton


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We delivering the best customer experience while reducing your energy cost significantly!

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